The field of psychology is vast and can be daunting. My passion is to continually learn about the human behavior and to teach others what I have learned.  I started this website to share the knowledge I have gained over the twelve years of obtaining a hard-earned PhD in Psychology, and the years of researching and teaching.  From the time I first got my Masters in Psychology, I was teaching at a university as well as online.  Then, when I walked across a stage to acquire my doctorate, I knew that I wanted to continue teaching, as well as researching.  So, I will post here about varying topics, which will include psychological issues, mental issues information, motivation, grief, cognition, and general wellness.  I will share information about thinking and feeling, as well as personal behavior.  I will start with general concepts in psychology, starting with the many areas of ethical behavior of psychologists and counselors.  I will basically write about topics I find relevant for the day.  I will write as if I was teaching so I hope you learn something about the field of psychology and that you continue to want to learn more about yourself, as well as others.



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