Why I Studied Psychology

I began my quest of higher learning actually in the field of business.  I was in the process of obtaining my MBA when my first born was diagnosed with autism.  I changed the direction of my education towards Human Services because I wanted to be my son’s biggest advocate.  I went through the process of gaining my Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate all with my son’s emotional, psychological, and physical health in the forefront.  I was able to not only help him, but also help other children with autism, and families who struggle with having a child with autism.  I was able to create the best learning environment for my son, and was able to gain so much insight into this disorder.  Along the way, I was fortunate enough to learn a great many things about other areas of psychology and began teaching whenever I could.  Now a Professor, I have the great honor of being able to share my knowledge and my experience.  I hope this website can be of some use to people who are just looking for information about the many areas of the human mind and it’s behavior.

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