Theories of Motivation

I decided to write a book.  Writing relaxes me and it’s something I am fairly good at.  Just need to decide what to write.  I could write a non-fiction book about the obstacles my family and I go through in having a child with autism.  I could write about various areas of psychology and possibly do something in the self-help category.  I could also write fiction and do a novel in one of many different genres such as mystery, poetry, horror, thriller, or even romance (Fifty Shades didn’t do too shabby).  I’ve been muddling over this for a couple of weeks now, and with my love for writing, you would think that I would have more posts on this blog but I don’t.  This baffled me for a bit, then I realized I wasn’t truly motivated.  Which leads me to today’s posting.

Categories of Motivation

What motivates people?  There are many theories on motivation and I broke them down into three different categories:  biological, psychosocial, and biopsychosocial.   Most of the many theories on motivation can be listed under these umbrellas.  Some psychologists would suggest other categories or umbrellas, but I find these the most suiting.  Click on the category to be taken to that page.

Biological Category




Psychosocial Category




Biopsychosocial Category




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