Group Condolencing

I watch the Voice.  Although I do not listen to country music, I always root for Blake’s team.  I love the dynamics between the coaches, and how they make their team members feel like family.  I remember when I first heard Christina Grimmie’s audition singing “Wrecking Ball” I was yelling at the TV for Blake to turn around.  And then he did.  At the end of it, she did quite well and I was very taken with her.  When I found out she was shot, I was shocked.  I was on my laptop when I read the news.  I looked over my laptop and saw a picture of my brother and I; my brother who died last year.

Grief is difficult.  Although I didn’t know Christina Grimmie personally, I felt that pang of grief.  I don’t do twitter or Facebook, so I didn’t “follow” her, but I would google her when I knew she had a song come out or when she would do fashion reports.  People should really listen to her song “Stay with Me” as the lyrics can reflect how someone may feel about her now.

I still feel grief for the death of Prince.  Prince had a profound impact on my life.  I would listen to him when my life was chaotic.  As a child, I would hide in the closet with my headphones and cassette player and I would play his music to help me get through my days.  His music changed me and helped to develop me as a writer.  And as I now go through the feelings of grief, again, I am deciding on which stage I should be at.  On my posting of Mother’s Day Grief, I talk about the stages of grief; acceptance is the hardest part.  Acceptance is the way to move on.  For me, acceptance is to not think about them.  Pretend they are on a long trip to Europe; maybe Australia. I listen to Prince now and I can’t think about NOT seeing him in concert anymore.  I just listen and enjoy.

Some people can’t understand my grief for the loss of Prince.  But those that can, do, and they welcome the group condolencing.  Yes, I just made up that term.  Group condolencing.  Where people can come together and feel comfort in their grief by not only feeling grief and being condolence, but also giving their condolence at the same time.  Giving support and being supported; crying for and with.  Thousands of people were doing group condolencing all over the world and I felt great comfort in knowing that I was not the only person impacted by Prince.  I also felt a wonderful, heartbreaking pang of grief when I heard others sending their painful thoughts out for Christina Grimmie.  I am thankful that we were blessed for the short time we had both of these amazing artists.  I am also very angry that it was for a short time.





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